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Madeira is a linear 2D platformer that has been developed since 2016. This game page contains the development builds of the game. These builds contain Madeira's development in various stages.

Development Build 0.1

This build of the game contains the general structure and design of the game. It has two zones and tutorial levels. 

Development Build 0.2

This build has minor bug fixes and graphics changes. After this build was made, I made the decision to rebuild the game from scratch. This allowed me to overhaul and revamp many of the game's systems and improve design flaws in dev build 0.1 and dev build 0.2. 

Development Build 0.3

This build overhauls and revamps many of the game's systems. Due to personal difficulties that began occuring in February 2020, I have decided to release this build in order for the game to be out in some form, rather than being in a nebulous limbo. After this build was released, I began the process of finding a developer team to assist in the development of Madeira. 

Development Build 0.4

This build has all of Madeira Mode's levels, from Mirage Oasis to Sunrise Tower. This build includes the overhauls and revamps from 0.3 and Madeira's final sprite design. Gamepad controls are supported and a fully developed pratice zone for Madeira Mode. 

Install instructions

How to play Madeira Development Builds

This game is designed to run on Windows PC's.

1. With a file extract program (Peazip, 7Zip), unpack the Zip's contents.

2. Make a new folder. Name it Madeira Development Build

3. Open the Madeira folder. Copy the contents of the unzipped folder

4. Paste them into the Madeira folder.

5. To run the game, click on Madeira.exe

If your browser detects that Madeira Development Build is a virus, click on the downwards arrow icon and select Keep. Their is no malicious code contained in any of the zips. 


Madeira Development Build 0.3.7z 3 MB
Madeira Development Build 0.2.7z 41 MB
Madeira Development Build 0.1.zip 48 MB
Madeira Necklace Tower Dev Build 0.4.zip 277 MB

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